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Nice88 - Best Casino, First Deposit For 300% Bouns!


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Nice88 One of the great advantages in the online casino market that all players can take advantage of is the innovation and the number of new things that are always emerging. New platforms with different proposals, tools, games and bonuses are always being created with the aim of positioning themselves among the most popular and sought-after online casinos.

The biggest beneficiary of this strong pace of innovation is the player himself, who can research and enjoy popular games like ” Nice88 Crash” and Jogo Nice88 Exclusivo” that take him closer to his goals or just provide moments of fun and entertainment.

One of the platforms that has become a great example of the power of innovation in this market is Nice88 , a platform specialized in online casino that offers very peculiar betting options to its players.

Let’s understand, in this article, what exactly Nice88 has to offer. What are its main advantages and disadvantages so you can decide if this is a good option for your goals, come with me.

Nice88-Best Casino, First Deposit For 300% Bouns!
Nice88-Best Casino, First Deposit For 300% Bouns!

How Does Nice88 Casino Work?

Nice88 is a complete online casino platform that offers everything we are used to finding in online casinos and sports betting, but with some differences. Founded just over two years ago, Nice88 has focused its efforts on Philippines, the platform has adapted to better serve Philippinesian players and invested a lot in marketing and advertising.

Its flagship and great differentiator is the acclaimed game Crash, a game in which the player places a bet using the platform’s credits and makes a guess about where the Nice88 symbol will explode as it moves up a graph that defines the value of multiplying the amount invested that the player can win if he gets it right, if the player gets it right, he takes the money and if he doesn’t get it right, he loses everything.

You’ve probably already heard about Nice88 through its main game, as the platform does a lot of advertising in digital media, on social networks and with influencers. But overall, it is an online casino with a good variety of casino games, affordable payment methods and an efficient platform.

How Does Nice88 Casino Work
How Does Nice88 Casino Work

Nice88 Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are very important in online casinos, as they are great attractions that can increase player loyalty and have become practically mandatory in such a competitive market.

Nice88 did its homework well and offers a very attractive bonus:

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the main bonus offered by Nice88 , with which the player can receive 100% of the value of their first deposit with a maximum limit of ₱1000 + 30 free spins to use on some games selected by the platform .

With this bonus, in one example, if the player makes a deposit worth ₱500, they will receive another ₱500 and will have a total of ₱1000 in their Nice88 account to use on the platform. Free spins can be used on the following games:

  • 10 rounds in Crash
  • 10 rounds in Double
  • 10 rounds in Mines

How to Receive Nice88 Casino First Deposit Bonus

To correctly receive your welcome bonus, the player must accept it when making their deposit, so the promotional value of the bonus will be added automatically as soon as the deposited amount is deposited into the account.

Bonus Conditions

In order to fully benefit from the welcome bonus, the player must be aware of the following main bonus conditions:

  • 35x rollover for withdrawal of winnings to be released
  • Bonus valid for 30 days
  • Maximum bet using the bonus is €5 or currency equivalent.
  • Free spins expire daily
Nice88 Casino Bonuses
Nice88 Casino Bonuses

Development of Nice88 Casino

Nice88 is a new platform on the international market and even more so in Philippines, but it already has great popularity in Philippinesian lands, which is the result of a well-designed marketing and advertising strategy that has leveraged this platform at the same level as other online casinos. more traditional with longer existence.

Much of this growth is due to the business group that manages the platform, its name is Prolific Trade NV, which is already a group with a little more experience in the online casino and betting market than Nice88 itself , and brought this experience to complement the brand’s trajectory.

What we see is a complete online casino platform that attracts thousands of players with its advertising and that presents a gambling game that is, to say the least, interesting.

Development of Nice88 Casino
Development of Nice88 Casino

Nice88 Casino Games

The variety of games is one of the first attributes that a conscious player looks for in an online casino, Nice88 offers a good variety of games ranging from classics to more innovative digital games, all of these games are divided into the following categories:

Original Games

The main difference of the platform is highlighted in its platform, here in this category Nice88 offers its original games that were created to be exclusive, there are three games in total: Crash, Double and Mines that carry different characteristics than what we are used to .

Crash Nice88 – How It Works

The game has a very simple operation, its main theme is the growth of the game’s main symbol in an increasing graph, each level of the graph symbolizes a multiplier, and each time the main symbol increases, the greater the multiplier. The player must then place their bet and try to guess an area on this graph where the main symbol will land without first exploding.

Like all Crash category games, if the player gets his guess right, he receives the value of his bet multiplied by the value of the multiplier of the area he bet on. But, if the main symbol explodes even before the area where the bettor made his bet, the bettor loses the entire investment of his bet.

How to Play Crash Nice88 Step by Step

  1. When we start this game, it may seem a little complicated but to simplify things a little, let’s call the plane a multiplier curve. The multiplier curve will start to rise whenever a new round is started, and the fun thing is that there is no limit to how much this curve can rise.
  2. It is worth remembering that the victory coefficient can reach really high numbers. However, this is very difficult to happen, even being a somewhat utopian scenario, even though it is theoretically possible.
  3. Also be aware that the opposite could happen, and the plane could simply explode shortly after leaving. The main objective of the game is for you to generate a profit before the multiplier curve stops rising. Basically, you will place your bet, and then the plane will start to climb.
  4. The player must collect his bet at any time, ending the round. If the plane explodes before you collect it, you will lose the amount you bet. The amount you will receive on your bet will depend on the multiplier, present on the multiplier curve, at the time you collected your bet.


Online slots for money cannot be missing from any casino, as they carry a large part of the experience that traditional casinos can offer. At Nice88 players can find different versions of slots to suit all tastes.

Live Casino

The live casino brought an immersive experience that is much more real and closer to traditional casinos, the best thing is that the player does not need to leave their sofa to do so, through the broadcast rooms that are offered at Nice88 , the player can enjoy all the classic games like live roulette, live poker, live blackjack and live baccarat.

Scratch Cards

The scratch cards that are so popular in Philippines are also available on Nice88 , a selection of various types and versions of this fun game that can be profitable for the player to choose from.

Nice88 Casino Games
Nice88 Casino Games

User Experience at Nice88 Casino

You don’t need to browse the Nice88 platform for long to realize that the brand has made an effort to offer an optimized website, with a well-designed design and very accessible options. There is no difficulty in navigating, all the main and most important options, services and games on the platform are well positioned and can be accessed without much effort.

The website is very beautiful and has a design that combines current elements with a cartoon style that combines very well with the fun, innovative and encouraging atmosphere that the brand defends. A good variety of games is available, the welcome bonus is within the average for online casino platforms and the website is translated, but in parts, as the terms and conditions document is still in English.

User Experience at Nice88 Casino
User Experience at Nice88 Casino

Nice88 Casino APP

It is always very interesting for players to find an online casino that offers an application that was developed for smartphones and tablets, as these apps always offer a more fluid gaming experience. However, the vast majority of online casinos do not offer this option, making it a real differentiator.

Nice88 does not offer an application and therefore does not fall among the online casino platforms with this difference. However, players can access the platform from their smartphone without any major problems, as the brand offers a mobile-optimized version of its main website.

To access this optimized version of the website, the player just needs to enter the official Nice88 email address directly into their smartphone’s browser and they will have access to all its services, tools and games in the same way as on a desktop.

Nice88 Casino APP
Nice88 Casino APP

Payment Methods Available at Nice88 Casino

Nice88 shows that it has thought carefully about the needs of Philippinesian players by offering a very accessible variety of payment methods. Let’s see what they are and their specifications according to the main operation below:


For deposits, the player registered at Nice88 can choose between the following options:

  • Payments with PIX

A genuinely Philippinesian instant payment method is available at Nice88 . The minimum deposit amount here is ₱40 and the waiting time is no more than one minute.

  • credit card

Mastercard, Visa and Elo are accepted on the platform. The minimum deposit amount here is ₱40 and the waiting time is a few minutes.

  • Picpay

Picpay is a Philippinesian payment platform that is popular in Philippines and also has its place on Nice88 . The minimum deposit amount here is ₱40 and the waiting time is a few minutes.

  • Ticket

For players who want greater security and not provide their details, the bank slip is also an option at Nice88 . The minimum deposit amount here is ₱40 and the waiting time can be 3 to 5 days.

  • Bank transfer

Nice88 offers support for the main Philippinesian banks. The minimum deposit amount here is ₱40 and the waiting time is up to 2 business days.

  • Skrill

This versatile digital wallet is offered by Nice88 , The minimum deposit amount here is ₱50 and the waiting time is a few minutes.


For withdrawals, the following options are available:

  • PIX

The minimum withdrawal amount is ₱100.

  • Bank transfer

The minimum withdrawal amount is ₱100.

  • Skrill

The minimum withdrawal amount is ₱60.

Withdrawal Speed

The waiting time to receive your withdrawal may vary, for PIX the waiting time is a few minutes, for bank transfers it can take up to 3 business days and for those who choose Skril, they may have to wait up to one business day.

Payment Methods Available at Nice88 Casino
Payment Methods Available at Nice88 Casino

Fees and Payment Terms Available at Nice88 Casino

Nice88 does not charge any fees related to payments, however it has a condition that is identity verification, where the player must send images of their identification documents and proof of residence for the platform to evaluate.

This assessment can take up to 5 business days and the player cannot withdraw their winnings until approved.

Customer Support at Nice88 Casino

Nice88 Casino offers only one service channel:

Live chat

The platform’s live chat works 24/7 and promises service within a few minutes of the user’s request and service is available in Philippinesian Portuguese, which makes life easier for users in Philippines.

Is Nice88 Casino Trustworthy? Nice88 Is Casino a Scam?

After in-depth research, we were able to come to the conclusion that Nice88 is trustworthy and that Nice88 is not a scam. Our research evaluated two main requirements, they are:


The Nice88 platform has a license that was issued by the Curacao regulatory authority:

  • CGA – Curaçao Gaming Authority – License number: 365/JAZ

The CGA is one of the main and most respected regulatory institutions present in the market.


Even with little time on the market, we were able to evaluate Nice88 ‘s reputation according to reports from users who have already used the platform. We found hundreds of complaints from players that raised a red flag about the brand’s service.

However, nothing very serious was reported, and taking into account that Nice88 already has a considerable user base, we could conclude that this platform has an average reputation.

Main Problems at Nice88 Casino

In addition to providing little information about its origin, Nice88 collects several users who are dissatisfied with its services. A simple search on complaint sites is enough to find several users talking about negative experiences on the platform and who have not yet received a response, their support seems to be inefficient.


Nice88 does its job well and supports the thousands of new users it receives every day with heavy investments in advertising in digital media. The platform is well developed and offers everything an online casino needs to offer.

Apart from its problem of inefficient support and dissatisfied users, it is a platform that can be put to good use and serve as a source of entertainment, fun and, who knows, profit.

FAQ ☀️ Frequently Asked Questions About Nice88

The following is a detailed summary and answers to some common questions about Nice88 for players.

Yes, this is a reliable platform that you can safely use for your online betting.

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Yes, Bitcoin is one of the payment methods accepted within the platform, as is Dogecoin.

Nice88 offers several payment options. Don’t forget that your account will have to be verified before making any withdrawal, so Nice88 advises against making deposits before this process is complete, as even if you have a successful bet, you will not be able to make the withdrawing the amount without all documents being approved. See what options you can use.